Atworth is a village in West Wiltshire between Melksham and Bath. The Chapel has been on this site for over 200 years, being built in the 1790ís. Rural Wiltshire Mission Field offers fields that are white unto harvest. Have you ever thought of relocating to come alongside us where the reapers are few. ????

As a Church we believe in free speech and freedom of worship, thus all people are free to follow whatever religion or no religion as they please.

However as a Christian Church, following the command of our Founder, the Lord Jesus Christ, we seek to lovingly tell anyone who would listen to His claim that He is the Son of God and to whom we must turn in repentance for the forgiveness of sin, that we may be restored to His Father, the Lord God Almighty.

In recent years the congregation, whilst keeping their autonomy, affiliated to the Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches (F.I.E.C.), a grouping of around 500 varying size Bible believing Churches throughout the country.

As part of the F.I.E.C. we value the friendship and support of the other Churches within the Bath/Chippenham/Swindon group, and from time to time meet up for joint prayer and ministry.

More information on the F.I.E.C. can be found at

Covid -19 outbreak

I guess for everyone there are events in our lives we will never forget - whether good or bad. In years to come Easter 2020 surely will be one of them.

How we should be so thankful to those in our NHS and other institutions for their unstinting devotion to their calling at this time, even putting their own lives at risk. How great to hear of competitors in industry coming together to share ideas in producing equipment to help.

Covid 19 is a worldwide disease. It affects rich and poor, male and female, young and old, good living people and those who are not, Christian, Muslim, Pagan etc. Some will have mild symptoms, others more serious, some will die. There is no known cure - but we pray those seeking a vaccine may have all the skill needed. May we ALL carry out official advice.

No one can say "let me be infected so you go free"!

At Easter, the Christian Church focuses particularly on the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. We had prepared 500 leaflet / invitations for the people of Atworth to come along to our Easter Services to find out more. Sadly, that is not possible this year.

The Bible tells us of a disease, deadlier than Corona, that has affected everyone who is born. But that disease has Eternal consequences which many ignore. However, the Good News is that the remedy, antidote and cure is available to all. That is the message of Easter. Jesus Christ, the sinless Son of God, died on the Cross as a substitute for our sin and, for those who repent and trust in Him, receive forgiveness and are reconciled to God. And by His amazing Grace we will meet Him in Heaven along with all believers down through the ages. What a blessed HOPE in these uncertain days.