Atworth Independent Church


Reports of recent Events

Soup Lunch - 9th November 2018

Although a few folks were away, nearly thirty of us gathered for soup on 9th November. The 2nd. Friday now seems to be allocated on quite a few diaries for this Chapel event.

Linda, on piano, was once more with us and she brought friend Corrine who played the clarinet. Although they play regularly with others at their church this was their first "public performance" together. Their range of music was much appreciated and at one time singing was heard to one of the Mary Poppins pieces. The musicians ended with an arrangement by Ralph Vaughan Williams which makes up part of five variants of Dives and Lazarus, this is set as the tune Kingsfold and often used when singing the hymn I heard the voice of Jesus say. This gave Rodney the opportunity to explain the story Jesus told of the Richman and the Beggar. When we hear the voice of Jesus we have choices to make which will determine our eternal destiny.

Coffee Stop - October 12th 2018

Coffee Stop on 12th October saw the return of our dear friend Clive Williams from Open Air Mission. Clive challenged us from scripture and related some of his experiences in visiting the fairs and sharing the Good News of Jesus with the showmen. Clive always gets a good response from these folks and they love to have him visit every year.